Shop1301 is very passionate about giving back to the community.

We have started by partnering with three different charities who will recieve a portion of our profits for each piece sold,

For more information, check out the websites for each charity!

Canadian Cancer Society


Canadian Cancer Society turns around finances after cutting excesses  post-merger | CTV News

Canadian Cancer society's goal is to create a world where no Canadian fears cancer.

From Canadian Cancer Society's Website:

What we do

At the Canadian Cancer Society, we are committed to improving and saving lives. That’s why we are always looking for new ways to prevent cancer, find it early and treat it more successfully. It’s why we’re always ready to give people with cancer the help and support they need to lead more fulfilling lives.


Engineers Without Borders

 Engineers Without Borders (Canada) - Wikipedia

Engineers Without Borders Canada's goal is to unlock human potential.

From Engineers Without Borders' Website:

We unlock human potential in Sub-Saharan Africa by investing in forward-thinking social enterprises. We support local innovators to accelerate their impact and apply their innovations on a global scale, to the benefit of millions.

We unlock human potential in Canada by fostering a community of leaders—supporting a network of established thought leaders while developing the next generation of pioneers.


Sustainability Network


Sustainability Network's mission is to strengthen environmental nonprofit leadership by working with environmental non-profits to make them more effective and efficient.

From Sustainability Network's Website:

Serve and strengthen Canadian environmental not-for-profit leadership by:

  1. Delivering high-quality learning and training programs that address key needs of leaders in the sector;
  2. Convening partners and stakeholders around key issues to achieve collective impact;
  3. Serving as the trusted source for professional development opportunities and insights for Canadian ENGO leaders.

Be Canada’s premier capacity-builder serving environmental not-for-profit organizations by:

  1. Facilitating collaborations with governments, foundations, or corporations, and their ENGO grantees and partners to launch and scale innovative programs and projects that strengthen the sector;
  2. Seeking international and cross-sectoral opportunities for Canadian ENGOs to learn from and collaborate with new and non-traditional partners to advance their shared goals.